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Nicole Tuczynski

Tell us about yourself.

I completed a B.A. and M.A. in political science, both from Western University. I then went on to earn a LL.M. (common law) from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Completing a LL.M. prior to law school was a very rewarding experience but also an overwhelming one. What’s interesting is that even after I had finished my graduate studies in law, I was not set on pursuing a career in law. In fact, it was not until about six months into my time working at the Department of Justice in Ottawa, alongside such amazing and incredibly intelligent legal counsel, that it finally hit me (and in quite the panic I must add) that I should get my J.D.!

What area of law would you like to practice?

I am still exploring what field of law I am interested in. I completed my LL.M. with a focus on International Criminal Law as I have always found that area of law intriguing, but I am doing my best to keep an open mind throughout my J.D. studies.

Why did you choose Ryerson Law?

Having applied to law school with five years of professional work experience under my belt meant that I was itching to get back to the work world as soon as possible. I knew that if I was going to go back to school in my late twenties, I wanted to be able to learn practical elements and skills that I could apply to my career immediately upon graduation. Ryerson Law offered this - and much more!

What do you hope to accomplish with your J.D.?

First and foremost, I hope that I can make a genuine difference in the lives of marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Having volunteered in various capacities with vulnerable members of the community over the years, I have seen first-hand how inaccessible the justice system truly is. The reality is that even in 2021, so many Canadians cannot access the justice system (whether that be due to financial or other barriers). This is a real crisis. Additionally, it is important to me that I become a client-focused lawyer - I want to make every client I ever interact with feel welcome, comfortable, reassured, and at ease, no matter how big or small the legal issue before them.

As a part of the inaugural cohort of Ryerson Law, what are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to learn from such a diverse mix of professors, legal practitioners, and law students at Ryerson Law. This is such a unique experience so I want to make sure that I soak in every moment and do not take anything for granted. Studying law is a privilege, which I remind myself of often. Studying law at Ryerson Law is an even greater privilege. Not many students can come out of a three-year law school program and say they truly feel “practice-ready.”


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