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James Gravelle

Tell us about yourself.

I started my undergrad in History of International Relations and Political Science at Carleton University but ended with a major in History and a minor in Law. I'm originally from Ottawa but I lived in New Brunswick for about 15 years before moving back to complete my undergrad, and then I completed my MA in History with a focus on the history of technology and how it affects society. It was through the work I did in my Masters that I became an Acting Assistant to the Curator of Natural Resources and Technology at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.

What area of law would you like to practice?

I’m interested in law and technology and, perhaps more specifically, intellectual property. I’m still not certain, though. The research I did in my Masters focused on how social media is changing the way we interact and report history and how it's impacting our political discourse. I’m interested and curious about how we balance between governments and ourselves when it comes to certain civil liberties.

Why did you choose Ryerson Law?

I think there's something really special about being a part of the first cohort. Having a new law school right now is such a great opportunity, being built in a modern era for a modern lawyer.

I think it’s perfect to attend a law school with a focus in innovation and where there is exposure to law and technology, where other programs take a more traditional approach that focuses solely on theory and perhaps are not as adaptable to change. I see Ryerson being very open-minded and the faculty have given me hope that they're willing to engage with us on this modern approach and not just lead us, but be beside us at the same time.

What do you hope to accomplish with your J.D.?

On a personal level, I'd like to complete the pursuit of a passion that I’ve had since high school. In the grander scheme of things, I’d like to contribute to regulations around law and technology and how they impact society. I’d like to ensure that regular people have a good hand at fighting against any sort of corruption. With a J.D. from Ryerson specifically, I think I can be well-positioned in understanding the intersection of law and technology and also help make the law accessible for more people at a more affordable rate. I think this will bring more equality and justice.

As a part of the inaugural cohort of Ryerson Law, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to meeting the other members of our cohort. There is such a diverse group at Ryerson and so many different interests, which I think will help create a strong foundation for this law school and for future cohorts to come. I think we can build a really strong foundation based on justice, equality, and innovation, which is such a humbling thing to have the opportunity to do with your peers.


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