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Eva Hyderman

Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Brampton, Ontario. I went to Algoma University, the Sault Ste Marie campus, where I completed a double major in Political Science and Law. I was the Editor in Chief for the Sentient for about a semester (we built the paper from the ground up). I was also the President of the Law and Politics Society for two years where we organized events and activities like MUNS (Model United Nations events). I definitely faced some struggles with these extracurriculars because everything was being built and developed for the first time whereas other schools had years of experience and institutional knowledge on these events and activities already. I worked in the Hospitality field during my undergrad - mostly customer service jobs. After I graduated the first non-customer service job I got was as a general office assistant at a virtual office.

What area of law would you like to practice?

One of my professors from undergrad, who was mentoring those of us that wanted to go to law school, advised us to avoid dedicating ourselves to a specific area of law so early in our education. This way, we could give ourselves the opportunity to explore areas we may have not been introduced to yet. I think this was good advice which is why I’m starting off law school with more of an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Why did you choose Ryerson Law?

Out of all of the law schools in the GTA, Ryerson’s mission statement really spoke to me - specifically their stated dedication to diversity. Also, already coming from a small school (Algoma) I liked the idea of Ryerson Law being more intimate and hands-on because it’s only one cohort of students. We’re more than just a face in a crowd or a number at Ryerson Law, we have a chance to make a real impact on this school and on future cohorts to come.

What do you hope to accomplish with your J.D.?

I haven’t studied enough law to really know what direction I’ll head in with my J.D. I wrote some papers in my undergrad surrounding law and wrote my thesis on Constitutional Law specifically, and it just seemed like a natural progression to continue towards law school to keep doing this type of work. I think my J.D. will allow me to continue studying what I enjoy and also help me achieve the life I’ve envisioned for myself in the timeframe that I’d like to have it achieved by.

As a part of the inaugural cohort of Ryerson Law, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to our opportunities to make a mark on the institution. Everything we do will matter. The other thing I’m looking forward to is, again, being a part of such a tight-knit and intimate group as the first ever class where the professors will be actively engaging the class.


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